06 – “Welcome Home” – Lila Bossi


Lila Bossi, Acrylic on Wood
wildpetalmaine.com @wildpetalmaine

Theme: Bridge
Mounting Method: Keyhole slot in back of wood panel

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What ideas / questions / reflections / challenges might be arising as you work with your theme (theme) – How are you working with the meaning of your word? Where are you drawing inspiration from?

This image was inspired by a picture taken on the fly while driving over the Piscataqua River Bridge between New Hampshire and Maine. I love the feeling of coming over that bridge and passing the Maine state line and knowing I’m almost home.

How were you introduced to art? Was it someone, a class, a culture, family, friends, etc.?

I grew up in a very creative, colorful home where we were always encouraged to look for ways to surround ourselves and others with beauty.

What role does art play in your life today? How has art made you feel these past few months / year / during the pandemic?

In 2020 I started a small flower farm and floral design studio called Wildpetal here in Brunswick. While it was a strange year to launch a business, it was so lovely to be able to share flowers with people during a time that needed bright spots. Since then, I’ve continued to explore the art form of floral design, while also doing some painting in the off season.