17 – “Passage” – Scott Redfern


Scott Redfern, Oil Paints

Theme: Bridge
Mounting Method: Wire

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What ideas / questions / reflections / challenges might be arising as you work with your theme (theme) – How are you working with the meaning of your word? Where are you drawing inspiration from?

I am deeply inspired by the natural landscapes of Maine. Looking into this scene, the passage from the pond into the river and observing the changes with seasons and time of day hold such promise. The mysterious tangle of foliage is home to a myriad of birds and wildlife. It is a place I want to experience again and again.

How were you introduced to art? Was it someone, a class, a culture, family, friends, etc.?

My mother encouraged me to draw and my grandmother gifted me a series of art lessons when I was 9 years old.

What role does art play in your life today? How has art made you feel these past few months / year / during the pandemic?

When I make art I feel like I am my true self. When I am painting I feel fully present in the endeavor. During the pandemic, making art helped me to focus during an unsettling and tense time.