26 – Raquel P Miller


 “Pathway Through the Sky”

Raquel P Miller, Acrylic
www.raquelpmiller.com  @raquelpmiller

Theme: Bridge
Mounting Method: Wire

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What ideas / questions / reflections / challenges might be arising as you work with your theme (theme) – How are you working with the meaning of your word? Where are you drawing inspiration from?

While creating this piece, I was thinking about connections and pathways visually and spiritually. I was thinking about a bridge as the connection of many forms. What bridges do we create or destroy? Do we use them to become closer or as a form of escape? I was thinking of visual ways I was bridging and creating connections in the forms and colors of my painting. I started this from a very minimal sketch that I really loved and hoped to recreate, but I ended up allowing myself to respond and build upon that instead of trying to constrain myself to recreate it. But I think that’s what BRIDGE can come to represent. there is no outright starting point and how you choose to connect and respond is completely open, and somewhat infinite. I see a glowing burnt orange pathway peeking through the painting, connecting a corner to another and back to my original idea, but there are also different colors reacting to one another and whichever path your eye follows is okay.

How were you introduced to art? Was it someone, a class, a culture, family, friends, etc.?

Like a lot of children, I think it started with the joy of coloring. I’m not sure who was the original influence, but I had a loving and supportive family that encouraged me to nourish this love. I think of my grandmother who supported me in Art Camps at the PMA when I was little which created foundational moments for me as an artist. I think of my mom who was my biggest supporter, who I could show anything to and she would gasp in awe. And I think of my Dad and Stepmom who would draw with me at the kitchen table together, coloring, or doing some sort of fun craft. I’ve been very lucky in that way.

What role does art play in your life today? How has art made you feel these past few months / year / during the pandemic?

I am a working artist, making art out of my home studio in Biddeford, ME. I engage myself with art every single day, trying to complete a 365 art challenge for 2022, and keeping an artful mindset with everything I do. It just makes life more rich. Art is one of the most important and most nourishing parts of my life. I think of the ways art has allowed me to process the joys and sadness in life and express myself freely and safely. Art has made me feel safe, secure, and hopeful when it doesn’t always feel that way.