46 – “My Mess” – Jen Harkins


Jen Harkins, Digital Print

Theme: Messy
Mounting Method: Sawtooth

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What ideas / questions / reflections / challenges might be arising as you work with your theme (theme) – How are you working with the meaning of your word? Where are you drawing inspiration from?

I relate very much with my chosen word at the moment haha. The second I heard it my idea popped up in my head and I ran with it! I’m pulling inspiration from my life and the day to day messy chaos that comes with it.

How were you introduced to art? Was it someone, a class, a culture, family, friends, etc.?

I always sort of just naturally gravitated towards being creative and crafty, and it was definitely encouraged by my family. My Grandmother was always making something and my aunt with her own art store was a constant supply of mediums to try and experiment with.

What role does art play in your life today? How has art made you feel these past few months / year / during the pandemic?

Art is an urge. I always find that question hard to answer because it’s an impulsion, a need. I do it because it makes my brain feel happy, because if ever there’s a pen in my hand it goes off on its own, and while that’s been pretty tough the last couple years, I like to think it’s helped to get me to this point.