50 – Jo Sorrell


Jo Sorrell, Water color and Pen/ink

Theme: Messy
Mounting Method: Sawtooth

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What ideas / questions / reflections / challenges might be arising as you work with your theme (theme) – How are you working with the meaning of your word? Where are you drawing inspiration from?

I think a lot about how since becoming a mother, managing the mess of small people is part of my everyday in a way I didn’t understand pre-parenthood. It not only is physically messy, but very often mentally and emotionally messy as well, in challenging and hilarious ways.

How were you introduced to art? Was it someone, a class, a culture, family, friends, etc.?

My family. My great aunt was an art teacher, and her influence on my family is boundless. Both my sisters and I all went into the arts in large part because of our aunt, and our positive early memories and interactions with the arts.

What role does art play in your life today? How has art made you feel these past few months / year / during the pandemic?

Today I am a photographer and writer, so art plays a central role. These past few months/year/during the pandemic, I have been incredibly grateful for art. I’ve finally found the courage to transition full time to photography and writing as a career. It was one of those, “if not now, when?” moments.